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How to Keep Customers Coming Back for More

The relationship with your customer is like the relationship with your significant other. You have to work at it every...
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Entrepreneurs Know When to Quit

You hear time and time again that you should never give up. You have to go through the obstacles to...
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When to Break up with Your Customer

The customer is always right is a slogan that began when customer service and modern retail stores were just coming...
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A Simple Strategy to Get More Customers

When you first started, you may have gotten your first customers by word of mouth, through your personal network or...
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Be the Fairy Godmother Not the Princess

Your customers don't care about your business or how long you have been around. They are neither interested in your...
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What You Really Need in a Business Partner

You're thinking about going into business with your rich uncle, your broke roommate, or the sharply dressed man you met...
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How Starbucks Makes 1 000% Profit

Coffee is a highly commoditized product. It can easily be made almost anywhere in the world with widely available ingredients...
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Don’t Follow the Habits of Billionaires

These so-called billionaire routines require one to get up at 4 AM to read, exercise and meditate. Neither reading, exercising,...
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How to Turn Your Business Dream into a Reality

In 1961 John F Kennedy proposed that the US "should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is...
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5 Timeless Business Lessons from Our Ancestors

In the Kalahari Desert, there are a group of people who haven't changed their ways for tens of thousands of...
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